Moulin Rouge


I'm sorry for raining on your parade while you rape cultures and going around pretending to be something you're not.

Let's see, I'll try it.

I'm a Doctor. No, a surgeon in fact. Call me now and pay me $500 to fix your herniated disk!

I would go to jail. Yet you get to continue without any kind of repercussions, except from those of us who care.

There is no morality anymore. Fuck, why can't everyone be bitter and jaded like me?!?!
Moulin Rouge

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I felt a great swelling of...presence today while reading about the, perhaps, difference in usage of the word Mjollnir and Thor's Hammer to describe the symbol commonly used to signify Heathenry.

I feel better now.
Moulin Rouge

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Sometimes I just feel like I'm a terrible Pagan. I cannot defend my positions half the time because I don't know how to debate. Am I just an illogical idiot with a religion or something else?

I wondered today if I am cut out for Paganism after all, but I feel such a calling. I need to find better sources. Perhaps it will get easier after I join the Kindred. I am sincerely hoping that if I am talking with someone face to face my questions will come easier and they can actually be answered.
Moulin Rouge

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I have a good feeling about this year.

Today I came out to my mother about my religion. On January 10th, I will start attending meetings at my local Kindred gathering.

I also bought a Mjollnir necklace.

Here's to the New Year!
Moulin Rouge

(no subject)

I feel I should be doing more, but I'm afraid to ask.

I don't want him to judge me about it.

On a better note, the ham was fucking amazing. I am proud of myself.
Moulin Rouge

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I hate being alone.

I want to get to baking, but I'm so lazy too. I just don't want to move, but I do want a cigarette and I DO want to wake up Duane.

Must... be... productive.

Got all A's. I hope I get some fucking scholarships now.

To me, scholarships = I'm so fucking smart people pay me to go to school. Even though I feel really stupid sometimes, I am pretty damn smart when it comes to my field. Not to say I could write a book on quantum physics, but I pick up shit easy and it stays with me.

Whatever, no more procrastination.
Moulin Rouge

(no subject)

A in Microbiology
A in Microbiology Lab
A in Public Speaking
A in Anatomy and Physiology Lab
A in Anthropology

Still waiting for that damn Anatomy Final.

Also, Dragon Age: Origins, is the shit.