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4 April 1989
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About Me

I am an 18 year old female. I breathe, bleed, and cry just like everyone else. I love music, movies, books, and the computer. I’m a polyamorous, engaged, bisexual, neo-pagan, self-injuring, pierced, gamer, geek. I dye my hair all the time. I get pierced every 6 months or so. Right now I have 9 piercings. I go to the goth club, and yes, I do dance. I’m a Domme, and I love BDSM. I’m pro-choice, and for me that covers more than just abortion. It covers every aspect of a person’s life. I smoke and drink and do drugs. I don’t care if you don’t like that I do those things and even say so, but I will retaliate if you harp on me about it. I dropped out of school and am going to college in January. I do the best with what I have.


:wumpscut:. Tool. Combichrist. VNV Nation. Garbage . Nine Inch Nails. Hocico. A Perfect Circle. Placebo. Velvet Acid Christ. Daft Punk. Jeff Buckley. I Am X. The Crüxshadows. Cinema Strange. Suicide Commando. Apoptygma Berzerk. Enya. Goo Goo Dolls. David Bowie. Type O Negative. The Azoic. Bauhaus. Immortal. My Dying Bride. Front 242. Noisex. Das Ich. Cradle of Filth. VAST. God Module. Haujobb. Assemblage 23. Panzer AG. Hallucinogen. Aphex Twin. Sigur Ros. Patrick Wolf. Daft Punk.


Velvet Goldmine. Pulp Fiction. Resevoir Dogs. The Professional. Gone With the Wind. Dracula. The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires. Other Cheesy 70's horror. The Ring. Star Wars. Star Trek. A Clockwork Orange. Full Metal Jacket. Batman Begins. Psycho. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Crybaby. Edward Scissorhands. Nightmare Before Christmas. Eraserhead. The Descent. Once Upon a Time In Mexico. Hostel. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Frakenstein. The Wolfman. Harry Potter. The Prestige. American Psycho. City of Angels. Dogma. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Sin City. 300. Lord of the Rings. Pirates of the Carribean. Big Fish. Catch Me If You Can. The Fifth Element. Fight Club. The Chronicles of Narnia. Natural Born Killers. Resident Evil. Silent Hill. Pan's Labyrinth. Labyrinth. Party Monster. Saw. The Secretary. V For Vendetta. Snakes on a Plane. Sweeny Todd. The Machinist.

4chan, :\\//\\//:, a clockwork orange, aggrotech, alice in wonderland, allycat metalware, androgyny, anti-idiot, are your interests lj-approved?, arm warmers, asatru, batman, biting, black metal, bleeding, blood, blood lust, body modification, body mods, bondage, boots, brain sisters-from-another-plane, buckle boots, cheapy little waist cinchers, cheesy horror films, circuitry, corsets, cosmetics, crazy gary oldman, cy-x, d.i.y., dance dance revolution, dancing, darkwave, david firth, dead or alive, death metal, debate, dirges, doom metal, dreads, duf mate?, dxm, dxm-induced-threesomes-with-gary-oldman, ebm, fake hair, fetish photography, final fantasy, fluffy little poodle viking, french, future pop, garbage, goggles, hair dye, hallucinogens, happy little fetus child, harry potter, hematolagnia, herbs, hocico, hubert cumberdale, industrial, industrial music, j.r.r. tolkien, jeremy fisher, katamari damacy, khanate, kingdom hearts, kinky sex, latin, lee um knee sun, leeum kneesun is dead, lingerie, lipstick, little dead riding hood, love, mad world, majory-stewart baxter, makeup, marijuana, medusa piercings, metal, mind altering substances, moulin rouge, music, nail polish, new mexico, newage, no joy, no-fluff paganism, noisex, norse history, norse mythology, nostril piercings, oral fixation, phlebotomy, placebo, plastic, plastic hair, playing songs backwards, power noise, pretty pills, pro-abortion, pro-choice, ps2, pseudo-artsy, psychology, pvc, religions, ripping stitches, rotten sky, runeology, salad fingers, scribbler, sigur ros, skeletons, soulseek, spoilsbury toast boy, star wars, stitching, suicide commando, tattoos, the cure, theda bara, tragus, uber, une petite mal, uv, uv reactive, vampires, viking metal, vikings, vincent, vinyl, vodka, wikipedia, winamp, winamp wizuals, wumpscut, zippers, zombies